G.Comm iView Light With Camera



Lease to own at only from $958 to $1341/month for 36 months.


The Full HD resolution (1920x1080px) video camera features:

  • Autofocus with 30x optical zoom
  • Built in WiFi control for light control and camera control through an iPad App – MyLight
  • Freeze Frame and Recording capability
  • Automatic White Balance Adjustment from 3000-7500K
  • 90% Vibration Correction up to 10Hz


  • Provides a detailed image of the operating area
  • Highlights the details that are difficult to see with the Naked eye
  • Relieves eye strain by allowing the camera to focusing in on a specific area
  • Allows the multimedia documentation of procedures in high definition
  • Live Streaming capabilities for recording and viewing operations for conferences, teaching schools, hospitals and university lectures
  • Improves and facilitates better communication with the patient
  • Allows better communication during diagnosis phase and education for the patient by providing real-time video streaming
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