What is average distance from the crest to the mandibular canal on a CT?

METHODS: 195 CT scans from a private practice were examined. Measurements were made with computer software (Simplant) at 5mm intervals. Patients were categorized as to age, sex, and missing posterior teeth. RESULTS: The following data emerged at the 95% confidence level (Excerpted from Table 1): Distance from the crest to the inferior alveolar nerve at […]

Does Puros Dermis have comparable results to Alloderm?

METHODS: Split mouth design with 26 sites treated with Puros Dermis and 26 sites treated with Alloderm. A coronally advanced flap was used. RESULTS: At 6 months both groups had similar improvements in recession coverage with an average of 2.83 mm for Puros Dermis and 3.13 mm for Alloderm. 81.4% root coverage for Puros and […]

Do multiple adjacent extractions affect implant bone levels?

METHODS: Beagle dogs were assigned to three groups with 16 sites each: Group 1: Single tooth extraction and one immediate implant Group 2: Two adjacent teeth extractions and one immediate implant Group 3: Three adjacent teeth extractions and one immediate implant Jaw segments were analyzed for bone thickness, marginal bone loss and bone to implant […]

When is it necessary to refer patients to an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist prior to sinus grafting?

METHODS: 63 ENT specialists responded to mailed questionnaire that include various sinus pathology scenarios. Their responses were statistically evaluated and analyzed. RESULTS: 58% recommend routine CT Scan prior to sinus-lift surgery. Patient symptoms that indicate referral to ENT prior to sinus grafting include nose problems and sinus issues. CT- scan findings that suggested a referral […]

How does Calcium Sulfate compare to Freeze Dried Bone Allograft for Ridge Preservation?

METHODS: Thirty-one extraction sites were divided into the test group (Calcium Sulfate) and the control group (FDBA). At three months, sites were re-entered, ridge dimensions were measured and bone samples analyzed for new bone formation. RESULTS: Minimal change in the vertical ridge height for both groups. Both groups had significant decrease in bucco-lingual ridge width […]

What is the Palatal Mucosa Thickness on a CT Scan?

METHODS: CT scans taken from 100 subjects were evaluated. Measurement points were taken from the gingival margin to the middle palatine suture at the canine, premolar, and molar sites. RESULTS: The mean thickness of the posterior palatal mucosa was 3.83 mm ± 0.58 mm. Thinner palate for females (3.66 ± 0.52 mm) compared to males […]

Does Thread Design Influence Immediate Implant Positioning?

METHODS: Two different thread designs were compared. One group had a V-shaped thread design (Zimmer) and the other had a square-shaped thread design (Biohorizons). Immediate implants were placed with a surgical guide in a randomized split mouth design. The location of the implants after placement was measured to the closest millimeter. RESULTS: All implants placed […]

Are Short Implants (< 10 mm) Effective?

METHODS: A meta-analysis on prospective clinical trials yielded thirteen studies with 1,955 dental implants, of which 914 were short implants < 10 mm in length. RESULTS: Short implants had an estimated survival rate of 88.1% at 168 months, compared to a similar survival rate of 86.7% for standard implants (P=0.254). The peak failure rate for […]

How Much Tissue Rebound After Crown Lengthening?

METHODS: Sixty-four patients requiring crown lengthening on 64 teeth were included. Bone was reduced based on the minimal amount of tooth structure required for restoration. Patients were re-evaluated at 3 and 6 months. RESULTS: There was significant soft tissue rebound (0.77 ± 0.58 mm) at 6 months post crown lengthening surgery. The tissue rebound was […]

Does Sinus Membrane Perforation Affect Implant Survival?

METHODS: Retrospective data was obtained from 23 patients who had undergone sinus augmentation procedures with a total of 40 treated sinuses. Sinuses were grafted with mineralized cancellous bone allograft, anorganic bovine bone matrix, or biphasic calcium phosphate. There were 15 perforated sinuses which were repaired with an absorbable collagen membrane. Histologic cores were taken from […]