Does Timing of Restoration Affect Implant Marginal Bone Loss?

METHODS: A meta-analysis was performed on eleven studies that compared marginal bone loss between implants restored with the following protocols: Immediate restoration/loading; early loading; conventional loading RESULTS: After adjusting for implant placement levels, no significant difference was found when comparing marginal bone loss for four scenarios: immediate restoration/loading + delayed placement versus conventional loading + […]

Do block graft complications lead to treatment failure?

METHODS: Implant supported restorations were placed in 137 atrophic ridges that were augmented with cancellous block-bone allografts. Recipient site complications associated with block grafting were recorded. RESULTS: Total block-graft failure occurred in 7% of cases and partial block graft failure occurred in 8% of cases. The implant failure rate was 4.4%. Soft tissue complications included […]

How Successful is Peri-Implantitis Treatment?

METHODS: A retrospective study on 382 implants with peri-implantitis in 150 patients. Peri-implantitis was defined as pockets ≥ 5 mm, bleeding on probing or suppuration, and the presence of radiographic bone loss ≥ 3 mm or at least three threads of the implant. RESULTS: The mean time between implant installation and peri-implantitis was 6.4 years. […]

Is Root Coverage Effective for Dentin Sensitivity?

METHODS A systematic review of the literature regarding the efficacy of surgical root coverage at reducing cervical dentin hypersensitivity in cases of gingival recession yielded nine randomized clinical trials suitable for analysis. The primary outcome included changes in pain/hypersensitivity symptoms before and after surgical treatment. RESULTS: A reduction in cervical dentin hypersensitivity was reported in […]