Understand the real cost of dental procedures when you factor in receptionist time, dental assistant time, rent, and supplies, and how you can be in the top profitability quartile.

Learn the expenses-to-gross ratios in the most and least efficient practices according to the latest data from R. K. HOUSE.

Preview the future of dentistry with an oversupply of dentists, older patients with no insurance, higher taxes on working patients, and dental fees that will not grow at the rate of inflation.

Understand the challenge for new dentists: Less bargaining power for associates, competition from corporate dentistry, and less retained earnings.

Learn how the fact that most dental practices are sloppy and inefficient allows you to compensate for an oversupply of dentists by making your practice more efficient.

Learn how many procedures highly productive dentists perform per hour, and how working faster will boost revenue without affecting expenses.

Learn whether having very expensive office decor or moving into a high rent area can make your practice more profitable.  

Learn the current cost of supplies per procedure, what factors into these costs, how saving $2 per procedure in material costs could save you $27,000 a year, and how negotiating lower supply costs through dentist buying groups can keep your practice profitable in hard times.

Learn the average billing per patient recall visit, and how higher billing per patient recall visit will affect your practice growth.

Learn how your practice compares with data on the current average net income from operations for dental practices, and review an itemized list of the fixed and variable costs.

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