How to chose the right Owandy X-Ray unit for your practice

Here is some good news:  Digital panoramic are now a mature technology which means quality has gone up and prices have gone down. 

Owandy Panoramic machines are made in France and thirty-four thousand Owandy panoramic units have been sold worldwide.  There is an exciting lower priced new model that is very sleek without a central column  (WALL MOUNTED I-MAX) so it could fit in a tight space, and it is the most affordable unit on the market in Canada. 

Of course there are more advanced models with 3D capabilities if your practice does a a lot of implants and some exciting trade-in options if you have an older unit. 

Regarding Pan/Ceph options, here are some factors to decide on: 

Two questions when purchasing a panoramic:  

               • Do you need a cephalometric function?

               • Do you need 3D imaging?

Then chose one of the 4 options (A, B, C, D or E) below. All 4 options include delivery, installation, calibration, and a 5 year warrantee, as well as Quickvision imaging software with free technical support and no annual software fees.  

If you do not need a cephalometric function:

You can chose from either a 2D or 3D panoramic :

A) 2D Pan no Ceph: 
I-Max compact wall mounted digital pan : 

Your cost:  CAD 26,995 with 5 year warrantee.. Only 18$/day!

B) 3D Pan no Ceph:
I-Max 3D and 2D: Compact wall mounted with quick vision 3D software:  

Your cost: CAD 64,750 with 5 year warrantee.  Only 45$/day!

If you need a cephalometric function:

You can chose from either a 2D or 3D panoramic with Cephalometric.  

C) 2D Pan with Ceph: 

 I-Max touch with Cephalometric with 2 fixed CCD sensors

 Your cost: CAD 53,750 with 5 year warrantee. Only 36$/day!

D) 3D Pan with Ceph:

 I-Max Touch 3D with Cephalometric  + Simplant  

Your cost: CAD $90,995 with 5 year warrantee. Only 61$/day!

E) If you need a complete digital imaging solution for your office:

Here is what Conexis can provide as a digital x-ray package option:

1) Choice of 2D or 3D Owandy panoramic with or without Cephalometric option 

2) Owandy Digital Sensors 

3) Tower computers for the front desk and manager’s office and panoramic room.

4) All-in-one screen and computer (computer inside the screen) for the operatories

5) Up to 42 Inch TV’s for each operatory and the waiting room for patient education/entertainment 

6) Media server that can transmit video programming to the patient TV’s. 

7) Owandy Quickvision imaging software that can works with the sensors and the panoramic X-ray unit .  It can bridge to any existing patient management software and has no annual support fees. 

8) Conexis Mouthvision 1080P intra-oral camera in every operatory. 

9) Pay-as-you-go technical support support with no annual minimum.

10) 5 year extended Warrantee and Accidental damage replacement plan: