CROWN LENGTHENING FOR COSMETICS AND RESTORATION- 6 CATEGORY 2 CE credits on Saturday, December 4, 2021 CROWN LENGTHENING FOR COSMETICS AND RESTORATION- 6 CATEGORY 2 CE credits on Saturday, December 4, 2021 In this course you will learn crown lengthening techniques for teeth with subgingival decay and also how to treat gummy smiles with esthetic anterior crown […]

Don’t Build A Dental Office- Build A Successful Dental Business! THE ULTIMATE SUPPORT PAGE

A dental business can be a profitable business. As a dentist or an investor, owning a dental office is the first step to start this journey. Buying an existing dental office might be an easier and faster way, although with the current high prices for existing practices, building a brand new dental office is another […]

Chlorhexidine chips to treat peri-implantitis?

Methods: Peri-implantitis patients with implant pockets of 5 to 8 mm had subgingival implant surface debridement followed by repeated bi-weekly supra gingival plaque debridement and chlorhexidine chip application for 12 weeks. Results: A total of 290 patients were included: Significant reduction in implant probing depths was measured in the chlorhexidine group ( 1.76 mm) compared to […]

Survive A Public Health Inspection

Will your practice survive a Public Health inspection?     1 AGD CE point in Category 2.  Registration Fee $65. Presented by Nicol Ross Interviewed by Bassel P. Gebrael DDS, Dip. Perio, FRCD(C) Nicol Ross is a Continuing Education Compliance Instructor and in-demand lecturer with extensive knowledge of Public Health, RCDSO, CDHO, and related regulations […]

What IPAC inspectors look for in your dental sterilization center. From Public Health Ontario:

IPAC requirements for the Sterilization and Reprocessing Area: There is to be no storage or consumption of food or beverages in the designated sterilization and reprocessing area. Eating and drinking during instrument processing is prohibited. All instruments should be processed in a central area of the dental office that is designed to facilitate quality control and […]

Designing a Conexis Dental Sterilization Center with SOLIDWORKS AND RHINO 3D computer-aided design software. Contact Conexis to design yours today!

Taking into consideration the space available and following the infection control and prevention standards (IPAC) to ensure the one-way flow essential in the reprocessing of dental instruments the space is divided into: A) Receiving and cleaning area with full vertical separation dividers, sensor controlled garbage bin, under mount stainless steel sink, solid working surface, space for […]