Congratulations Byron Labs for a new P53 DC 5 Axis Mill

Here are some advantage of UP3d P53 5 axis milling machine compared to other brands:

a) 24/7 support even holiday and weekend at no charge. We guarantee UP3D engineers can answer your questions anytime.

b) True 90 degree vertical milling for more aesthetic dental anatomy especial in the anterior.

c) CAM and CAD software updates are always free.

d) Better cost/performance ratio.

e) Consumables such as burs and spindle cost less so the operating cost in the long term is more reasonable.

f) Free spare parts for the first two years.

g) The UP3D system including UPCNC and UPCAM nesting is smarter and more digital than other family of products.

h) Airfare rebate to visit the UP3D training center in California: if you want to visit the UP3D training center in LA, we will reimburse you the travel ticket expense up to $600 if you decide to purchase a P53 milling machine.

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