1. How to choose an outstanding location . Steve Babor $65

  • Know what rental costs to expect for your clinic and how to take advantage of the current economic downturn.
  • Learn what to look for in a lease agreement for your new dental clinic.
  • Understand the impact that COVID-19 is having on the retail landscape in terms of vacancies and change in the mix of tenants.
  • Learn whether it is better to be in a mall or outside a mall and how to identify the good co-anchor tenants for your clinic.
  • Learn the impact of branding on your new clinic.
  • Learn how to evaluate the ease of access to your proposed clinic location and to your target market.
  • Learn to evaluate parking availability and what parking is required for optimum growth.

2. Dental office building trade secrets.. Raimund Krulls. $65

Raimund has built over 500 dental offices.  In this interview he discusses the process of building a new dental clinic and how to take advantage of the current shake up in the commercial real estate market to maximize the value of your investment.

This includes a review of the steps from signing the contract to the completion of the office project. He explains what can go wrong, how cost overruns can occur, and how to chose the equipment and office layout wisely to maximize the use of the available space and ensure a successful dental business with low operating costs.

3. An Insider’s guide to building a dental office . Joseph Hul. $65

Joseph Hui gives a contractor’s perspective on building a dental clinic. He discusses critical design and layout considerations needed to produce an efficient work space.   He reviews the physical space requirements based on maximizing efficiency and optimizing the provision of care. He reviews the office construction process from the initial meeting, to the design proposal, selecting finishes and colours, building walls and floors and interior finishes, installation of millwork and dental equipment,  up to final inspection by the city and your opening day.

4. How to survive a public health inspection. $65

1) Learn how to manage dental unit water lines and how to monitor microbial contamination.

2). Review the proper use of a process challenging device (PCD) in infection control.

3) Learn how to test the effectiveness of your ultrasonic bath and dental dishwasher.

4)  Learn how to maintain a one-way workflow from the dirty to the clean area to prevent cross-contamination.

5) Understand proper positioning and use of puncture-resistant sharps containers in each room.

6). Learn how to properly label and log the mechanical and chemical results for your sterilizers.

7) Learn the public health guidelines for live or artificial plants in your reception area.

8) Understand the content requirement and function of an IPAC manual in your practice.

9) Learn the value of having housekeeping receive training by an IPAC Officer on IPAC within your practice.

10) Learn the different gown and mask levels and how to provide them for your team members.

5. BONUS 1: How To Grow Your Practice By Using Your Staff. $65

Patients want not only customer service, but experiences, especially the VIP experiences. There are 6 elements that should be taken care for offering the patients’ VIP experiences.

  • Certainty
  • Uncertainty
  • Loving connections
  • Significance
  • Growth
  • Contribution

6. BONUS 2: Patient satisfaction. $65

  • What is satisfaction and the levels of scoring
  • Distinctions of behavior of a satisfied patient and a dissatisfied patient
  • Dentistry shift from appointment to experience
  • The key perceptions of how a Canadian patient determines a good dentist
  • Tactics to match and align with their perceptions and needs
  • The patient expectations of how they want to be treated, communicated and serviced by your dental team and practice
  • Communication tools that assure long term loyalty, retention and acceptance

7. BONUS 3: Cost Control For Maxium Profit: Money and Dentistry With Real Numbers. $65

  • Understand the real cost of dental procedures when you factor in receptionist time, dental assistant time, rent, and supplies, and how you can be in the top profitability quartile.
  • Learn the expenses-to-gross ratios in the most and least efficient practices according to the latest data from R. K. HOUSE.
  • Preview the future of dentistry with an oversupply of dentists, older patients with no insurance, higher taxes on working patients, and dental fees that will not grow at the rate of inflation.
  • Understand the challenge for new dentists: Less bargaining power for associates, competition from corporate dentistry, and less retained earnings.
  • Learn how the fact that most dental practices are sloppy and inefficient allows you to compensate for an oversupply of dentists by making your practice more efficient.
  • Learn how many procedures highly productive dentists perform per hour, and how working faster will boost revenue without affecting expenses.
  • Learn whether having very expensive office decor or moving into a high rent area can make your practice more profitable.  
  • Learn the current cost of supplies per procedure, what factors into these costs, how saving $2 per procedure in material costs could save you $27,000 a year, and how negotiating lower supply costs through dentist buying groups can keep your practice profitable in hard times.
  • Learn the average billing per patient recall visit, and how higher billing per patient recall visit will affect your practice growth.
  • Learn how your practice compares with data on the current average net income from operations for dental practices, and review an itemized list of the fixed and variable costs.

Total value : $260.  Special offer from Conexis only $149 for 4 informative webinars plus 3 bonus videos

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