Webinar: Surviving a public health inspection

Course Objectives:

1) Learn how to manage dental unit water lines and how to monitor microbial contamination.

2). Review the proper use of a process challenging device (PCD) in infection control.

3) Learn how to test the effectiveness of your ultrasonic bath and dental dishwasher.

4)  Learn how to maintain a one-way workflow from the dirty to the clean area to prevent cross-contamination.

5) Understand proper positioning and use of puncture-resistant sharps containers in each room.

6). Learn how to properly label and log the mechanical and chemical results for your sterilizers.

7) Learn the public health guidelines for live or artificial plants in your reception area.

8) Understand the content requirement and function of an IPAC manual in your practice.

9) Learn the value of having housekeeping receive training by an IPAC Officer on IPAC within your practice.

10) Learn the different gown and mask levels and how to provide them for your team members.