1 thoughts on “Why incomplete root coverage?

  1. bgebrael says:

    It’s always good to try to identify the cause of the recession:  Based on the interdental bone loss pattern I see in the photo ( It would be nice to see an X-ray to confirm), the CAUSE of the recession is mainly periodontal bone loss.  Because the bone is gone, root coverage is not normally achievable to any great extent.  Also since chronic periodontitis is a progressive condition, there may be further recession and bone loss in the future driven by microbial, genetic, or immune factors that are outside your control and are not likely to be prevented by soft tissue grafting.  This may cause the patient to view the procedure as unsuccessful in the long term.  (The cause of the recession is not thin tissue biotype or toothbrush abrasion or orthodontically mediated bone resorption, all of which are easier scenarios to treat with soft tissue grafting than chronic periodontitis.)

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