Does Thread Design Influence Immediate Implant Positioning?

Two different thread designs were compared. One group had a V-shaped thread design (Zimmer) and the other had a square-shaped thread design (Biohorizons). Immediate implants were placed with a surgical guide in a randomized split mouth design. The location of the implants after placement was measured to the closest millimeter.

All implants placed in extraction sockets tended to move facially compared to the initial drilling trajectory. There was a tendency for square thread implants to be placed more facially compared to implants with a V-shaped thread but the difference between the two groups was not statistically significant.

Drilling against the inclined palatal wall of the socket has a tendency to shift the osteotomy facially and leads to a more facial positioning of the implant. A V-shaped cutting thread design may help with reducing buccal displacement. There was no significant effect of implant thread design on the positioning of the implants in this pilot study.

Implants placed with a buccally positioned shoulder exhibit three times more recession than those with a lingual position (Chen and Buser 2009). The cutting design of V-shaped implant threads may help in engaging more of the palatal wall and may result in less buccal displacement of the implant.



Influence of thread design on implant positioning in immediate implant placement.

Koticha T, Fu JH, Chan HL, Wang HL

Journal of Periodontology Nov 2012, Vol. 83, No.11, Pages 1420- 1424.

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