When is it necessary to refer patients to an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist prior to sinus grafting?

63 ENT specialists responded to mailed questionnaire that include various sinus pathology scenarios. Their responses were statistically evaluated and analyzed.

58% recommend routine CT Scan prior to sinus-lift surgery.

Patient symptoms that indicate referral to ENT prior to sinus grafting include nose problems and sinus issues.

CT- scan findings that suggested a referral in the opinion of a majority of ENT specialists :

1) Occluded sinus with septum.

2) Inflammation at the base of the sinus only

3) Generalized thickened sinus membrane

4) Oro-antral fistula

5) Thickened sinus membrane in association with perio or endo involved teeth.

6 ) Near completely occluded sinus

Other concerns included past history of sinus surgery, chronic sinusitis, ostium stenosis, nasal obstruction and oro-antral fistula

A CT Scan prior to sinus-lift surgery was recommended by 58.7% of ENT specialists. Their greatest concerns were prior sinus surgery, severe sinus inflammation, nasal/sinus obstruction and oro-antral fistula.

New York State Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists view on pre-sinus lift referral.

Cote MT, Segelnick SL, Rastogi A, Schoor R

Journal of Periodontology Feb 2011, Vol. 82, No.2, Pages 227- 233. E-publication: 2010, September 1

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